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This is a short description on how you can connect the SAP Mobile Documents Desktop Client to your SAP Mobile Documents Trial account on HCP.

Get your Trial account for SAP Mobile Documents on SAP Hana Cloud Platform

You need to have a Trial Account for SAP Mobile Documents on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

In your trial account,

     a. Go to

     b. Log on with your registered user

     c. Select Services --> Mobile Documents

    d. Right-Click on the Go to Service link and copy the link address.

The link will look like https://mdocs-<YourUniqueTrialID>

Remove /mcm/admin from the link and copy the URL https://mdocs-<YourUniqueTrialID> This link will be used later to configure the client.

Download Desktop Client:

1. Open https://mdocs-<YourUniqueTrialID>

2. Download the Desktop Client for your OS.

3. Install the desktop client

Configure Desktop Client to connect to your Trial

1. Run the desktop client

2. In the logon window, specify the server URL. The server URL will be same link you copied earlier i.e. https://mdocs-<YourUniqueTrialID>

Press Next.

3. Enter your registered email address as the User Name and Password and select Log On

You should now be connected to your files!  :smile: