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This is a short description on how you can connect the SAP Mobile Documents iOS app to your SAP Mobile Documents Trial account on HCP.


You need to have a Trial Account for SAP Mobile Documents on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Perform the following steps:

1. Download the SAP Mobile Documents app using the App Store app on your Apple device.

2. Open the SAP Mobile Documents app.

3. Skip the passcode for now. You can set it later if you want to.

4. Get the server URL from your HCP Trial account for SAP Mobile Documents:

     a. Go to

     b. Log on with your registered user

     c. Select Services --> Mobile Documents


     d. Right-Click on the Go to Service link and copy the link address

5. Paste the link address into the URL field of the SAP Mobile Documents app, remove the URL part /mcm/...

     (so that the URL looks like https://mdocs-<YourUniqueTrialID>


6. Enter your registered email address as the User Name and Password and tab Log On


Tadaa! You should now be connected to your files!

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