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How SAP is Orchestrating Intelligent, Always-On Support for Live Business Growth 

By Mohammed M. Ajouz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Support, SAP

Digital strategies are far more complex than a single path to business evolution or a layer of protection from industry disruption. They are really experiments in blending technology, process, mindset, and defined objectives. With every addition, shift, and realignment made to the IT landscape, the risk of rising complexity, hidden inefficiencies, and emerging unintended challenges inevitably increase.

However, with the right resources, expertise, services and tools, businesses can get ahead of potential problems and resolve issues proactively. And for many SAP customers, the combination of the Next-Generation Support approach and SAP Enterprise Support services is delivering the real-time, always-on care they need.

Providing anytime, anywhere support for the intelligent enterprise

Businesses are shaping their future as intelligent enterprises because they’re convinced that they must embrace and apply digital technology more effectively and innovatively than their competitors. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the cloud are all creating a foundation of focus, agility, speed, and trust necessary to stand out in this new phase of digitalization.

Companies taking on these new technologies should be able to tap expert support anytime, anywhere across the channels they favor most. Transitioning to an intelligent enterprise is not a natural evolution that can be achieved alone. Every business inevitably needs advice and help that draws from the collective experience and lessons learned from hundreds of technology and process experts.

Take, for example, Imperial Logistics. From point services to transportation, warehousing, and delivery operations, the global logistics services provider manages multiple supply chain functions for businesses around the world, helping them reduce time to market, improve service, and mitigate risk. To continue innovating for customers, Imperial Logistics wanted to strengthen and stabilize its IT landscape by moving to a single digital core enabled by SAP S/4HANA. But first, the company needed to find the next-generation, proactive support that can help make this transformation possible.

In preparation for its implementation and adoption of SAP S/4HANA, Imperial Logistics worked with SAP Enterprise Support offerings to establish a clear road map by engaging in services including:

  • Next-Generation Support to ensure access to real-time, always-on care across various channels and get immediate support to resolve production issues

  • SAP Optimization and Innovation Pathfinder to identify areas for optimization and innovation in business and IT processes while preparing for the journey to a digital core

  • Value maps to navigate support offerings and identify the best resources in key areas of concern

  • Continuous quality checks to mitigate risk when launching the SAP Extended Warehouse Management application

  • Chat sessions with experts to discuss issues and clarify concerns during live sessions

  • Network of peers using SAP S/4HANA to learn from their transformation journeys

Turning digital investments into a digital core of business insight

As Imperial Logistics’ story illustrates, we are helping our customers connect their human talent, machines, and business network together to improve business outcomes and, ultimately, people’s lives. No matter if their technology resides on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two, our customers can leverage proactive, preventive support at the exact moment of need.

This level of service is helping them set the stage for future success through fast adoption of innovations, realization of outcomes, maximized business value, and operation of a secure system. We have an enterprise-specific digital assistant that can address any and all solution-specific questions without having to leave the application being used. Our library of knowledge base articles provides personalized resources in a wide range of languages. Plus, our customer can Schedule an SAP expert for a live, one-on-one 30-minute call to get assistance at a time convenient for them or chat with an expert immediately if their concern is more urgent.

“Working with SAP Enterprise Support really helped us establish a foundation for our move to the digital enterprise,” says Rashid Mahomed, IT Manager of Imperial Logistics. “Thanks to this help and guidance, we feel we are truly ready to begin our digital transformation journey.”

In the meantime, we encourage you to expedite your business growth with less effort and greater intelligence by using the SAP Enterprise Support service.