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We’re just days away from Christmas Eve, and with more than 526 million kids across the globe on his delivery list, Santa certainly has his work cut out for him.  

It got me thinking about how Santa might use cutting edge technology to make preparing for the ho-ho-holidays a little easier for him. For instance, with solutions like SAP Fieldglass processing more than 35,000 timesheets for external workers every 24 hours, Santa could add some contingent labor to his workforce while also gaining insight into the kinds of elf-help he needs year to year. Here’s a few ways old St. Nick could breathe a little more magic into the season with this solution.


  • Bring in the talent he might not have in-house for special projects. If Santa decided elf engagement could use a boost, he could bring someone in to change up the look of his internal portal quickly and easily. He wouldn’t have to waste time writing up a formal job description, vetting candidates and dealing with all the back and forth if the candidates he’s seeing aren’t qualified to do the job. With SAP Fieldglass, Santa can just put in a requisition, review the resumes of qualified candidates from his preferred group of suppliers, compare resumes, and make offers.

  • Simplify his payroll. Santa likely has permanent elves to keep things moving during the first half of the year, but once June hits, he’s looking for seasonal help for toy making, gift wrapping and workshop operations, and making sure they’re paid on time could strain his payroll staff. Seasonal workers can record their hours in SAP Fieldglass and the timesheets are processed automatically, giving payroll administrators the ability to focus on other year-end deliverables.

  • Expand operations to include remote employees. An operations or administration seasonal elf doesn’t necessarily need to be based in the North Pole to do his or her job. With the ability to manage project milestones inside SAP Fieldglass, Santa can hire the most talented elves across the globe and monitor their progress from afar. As an added bonus, Santa could see some savings on his P&L line if he can hire outside of the high-cost area of the North Pole.

  • Connect various parts of the workshop. Santa can implement other solutions, like SAP Ariba, to make sure he’s covered on the supplies needed to build toys. Imagine how different Christmas morning could be if Santa could have made sure he had enough buttons for those Nintendo Classics everyone wants.

  • Automate off boarding and get detailed reporting on this year’s event. On December 26, seasonal elves can be off-boarded without having human resources manage a mountain of paperwork. SAP Fieldglass has functionality to show Santa that uniforms and staff badges have been returned. He can also access reports to see if projects were completed on time and on budget.

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