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Modern day console gaming has served up truly entertaining and eye opening experiences for me. Whether learning about the meaning of insanity deep within a lush jungle in Far Cry 3 or looting pirate ships in Assassins Creed IV – Black Flag, the attention to detail and level of immersion is nothing short of astounding. But lately I’ve had a recurring thought: How cool would it be to actually be inside the game, seeing and controlling your actions as you would in everyday life? If such a technology truly existed, could it also help businesses run better?

If we’re to believe the hype surrounding Oculus Rift, a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming, then yes, virtual dreams are about to become reality. This week at CES, there’s even talk of a wearable gaming exoskeleton to pair with Oculus Rift, for the ultimate virtual reality experience. It’s not hard to see how the oncoming “Oculus Rift Effect” will soon invade everyday work processes while accelerating like-minded initiatives under development.

SAP, for example, teamed up with Vuzix to create augmented reality glasses, showing that they are not just for consumers but for manufacturers, logistics companies, and service technicians as well. As this demo shows, these glasses help direct warehouse staff to optimize picking, putt away and load building trips and be “hands free” while receiving the next tasks to be performed.