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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

I really liked this blog "Road ahead for SAP consultants" by Vijay Vijayasankar and all the smart comments to it.

One thing I would like to comment though is about "Two skills are better than one". Although statement itself makes lots of sense, I think all wanna-be-hot-consultants should think about depth of their skills. While you can impress with a quantity of skills in your CV, you cannot escape exposing quality of these skills during interview.

This statement might hit me back in the future (if someone will read this blog before interviewing me ;-), but even with my 5 years of experience with SAP/BW I am still aware of how many aspects of this product and implementation of this product I haven't discovered yet!

I am getting really impressive 10 pages CVs of people, who were already "lead developers" and "experienced architects" in BW. But then during interview it happens that they have no clue what is Web Design API for Tables in BW 3.x or what is an InfoPackage with overlapping requests deletion.

The other aspect is a difference knowing how to do thing (e.g. how to create DSO or InfoCube) and how to do it right (how to model split between Key and Data fields in DSO or how to model well balanced dimensions in InfoCube).

My final advise to BW persons: when you think about yourself as multidimensional InfoProvider 😉 think not only about how many dimensions you must have, but as well how many DIMIDs you can present on these dimensions! And don't be MultiProvider, be InfoCube with actual content 🙂