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As you know, new business models are emerging, and digital innovation is more than ever a game-changer for modern societies.

But how should you start this journey, making sure that you have the right information and support at hand? In close collaboration with SAP experts and product management, ESAC is committed to guiding our customers in the true transformation of their business and realization of the Intelligent Enterprise strategy. So, this year we are piloting +35 brand new offerings.

Customer empathy and success by innovating through close collaboration have been our north star through all these years. SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council team is passionate about what they do and will continue to deliver the meticulous and immersive support experience to our customers.

To get to know more about our customers and how they achieved success, we prepared a series of posts about our success cases. Here we have two examples of customers that have collaborated with us in SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • The first case through our Integration workstream of the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, we wanted to enable customers to expand their knowledge in SAP Cloud Platform by providing best practices, security, and monitoring content. Afterward, we helped the customers implementing specific cloud-to-cloud and SAP to third-party integration scenarios.

Check our customer’s testimonials:

“Working with SAP Enterprise Support, we empowered and upskilled our consultants on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud. We can now automate and optimize processes and improve the customer and employee experience with a faster and better service.”

Luis Felipe Fernandini, SAP and Enterprise Solutions Director, Everis Perú S.A.C

Click here to read this full Business Transformation Study.

  • The second customer story is about Aço Cearense Industrial Ltda. They received expert advice on optimizing their business and learned more about the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, helping with enablement on Business Intelligence. Check our customer’s testimonials:

“Thanks to SAP Enterprise Support, we gained a whole new appreciation for SAP Analytics Cloud. Our interaction with experts has greatly enhanced our adoption of the solution, improving performance by 30% and helping us discover new, useful features that will intelligently support our business.”

Vinícius Amanajas, IT Manager, Aço Cearense Industrial Ltda

Click here to read this full Business Transformation Study.


To explore further details of ESAC 2021 pilot offerings, please check the ESAC page on the SAP Support Portal.

If you have any questions or you are interested in joining the program, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to

We are looking forward to your contact!