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Today’s customers have an abundance of solution providers to choose from. And in the digital age, buyers are doing their research and narrowing their selections before engaging in any discussions. In this hyper-competitive environment, how can you shine the spotlight on your expertise and successes to drive more business?

We know that customers are seeking reliable, experienced, and skillful partners who understand their business challenges. Savvy customers know it’s not simply a matter of finding someone who is familiar with a solution to build and execute a digital transformation strategy. To effectively meet evolving business needs also requires domain expertise, proven customer success, and competency.

SAP recently introduced the Competency Framework, the latest innovation of our SAP PartnerEdge program, to give potential customers clarity and confidence that they’re choosing the right provider. This newly debuted framework helps our partners gain better market visibility with customers, making it easier for customers to find and select a best-fit partner.

Designed to focus on customer lifetime value and outcomes, the framework recognizes partners with demonstrated delivery expertise and excellence in specific lines of business and industries. It encourages continuous professional development, helping partners keep ahead of changing trends and market demands. Partners differentiate themselves in their markets with global competency and specialization designations for SAP’s cloud portfolio, clearly communicating their capabilities, expertise, and experience in the market.

Competency designations demonstrate a partner’s maturity with a solution or line-of-business with three levels: Essential, Advanced, and Expert.  SAP currently recognizes these seven competencies:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • ERP for Small and Midsize Enterprises

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Human Capital Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Spend Management

  • SAP Business Technology Platform

There are also 21 specializations demonstrating accomplishments at a process level and serving as a building block toward achieving competencies.  To earn competencies and specializations, partners must meet or exceed requirements in knowledge, customer success, and proficiency.

Designations are displayed in partner search results on SAP Partner Finder, letting customers and prospects see the status our partners have earned, potentially across multiple competencies and specializations. Partners also display their earned competencies and associated specializations across their full array of marketing efforts.

Want to increase your visibility in your market? If you’re an SAP partner, get started today by checking your competencies and specializations on SAP for Me, and learn more about the new Competency Framework on SAP Partner Portal. You can also check out this latest episode of SAP Partner Live dedicated specifically to this topic.

Or if you are interested in partnering with SAP, please visit for information on the SAP PartnerEdge program.