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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Companies often create environments for testing, quality assurance, development, training, and sandbox initiatives. These environments, although considered nonproduction systems, require data, which is replicated from existing production systems.

Too often companies duplicate all their data for use in the test environments, but quite often they don’t really need all the data. Instead of doing what many companies do, which is deciding to transfer data less frequently to cut down on the costs and resources, which leaves the test environments void of accuracy and missing updated information, consider only transferring the data that is needed.

SAP Test Data Migration Server software helps you extract data from production systems ( Tradition DB or HANA) quickly and cost-effectively to create and refresh test systems with a much lower data volume. What’s more, it lets you refresh single clients in a multiclient system. You can even scramble and protect your sensitive data in test & training systems and more conveniently you can monitor the processes and take necessary action just by tap of a button on your ipad with the new SAP TDMS Manager mobile app.

To help implement the SAP Test Data Migration Server, the SAP Global Testing team within the SAP Services organization offers services to configure the software to suit company needs, and lay the foundation for future nonproduction system landscapes.

The Test Data Migration Server solution creates a trim, nonproduction environment using a logical reduction of the data.

The solutions are flexible and the three categories of data transfer include:

  • Master data and customizing
  • Master data, customizing, and a time
  • Master data and transaction data for a specific business process

The SAP Global Testing team helps in providing a Basic services offering, which implements standard SAP TDMS and an Expert services offering which is tailored to your individual requirements. A typical project includes

  • Detailed consultation with your IT experts to decide which tables should be transferred and how: all records of a table or just those records created within a specific time frame, with explicit exclusion of entire tables
  • Specification of customer specific tables to be included in migration
  • Optimized data transfer, with sequence, table type, and process settings taken into consideration

If you are interested in our service offerings for SAP Test Data Migration Server and would like more information, contact us at