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As you know with SAP Gateway for Microsoft we have developed a product that enables the
integration of SAP data and processes in Microsoft tools. Next to the Excel BPX
which allows users to easily access and work with SAP data from Excel,
Gateway for Microsoft also comes with an integration in Visual Studio.


We got a lot of very good feedback on the OData Catalog Browsing, the different
templates for Outlook (including Workflow, Contacts and Calendar) and Excel,
and the way how we generate the required proxy classes to easily integrate
enterprise ready OData services in a lot of existing C# templates.

Now we (Microsoft and SAP) are looking for your feedback. We want to improve the Visual Studio
experiences around consuming enterprise data sources. How are you currently
using Microsoft Visual Studio to integrate with SAP data (even is you are not
yet using SAP Gateway for Microsoft)? What are the pain-points? How could we improve the experience?

If you want to participate, please go to

and fill out the survey. We will then contact you to setup a dedicated meeting.