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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The SAP InnoJam 2012 in the Netherlands is already 3 weeks ago and looking back I must say it was again a very interesting event.

But let's fast re-wind back to September 7th at 8:30am.


People started coming-in into the SAP office in 's Hertogenbosch and were welcomed by the VNSG who co-hosted the event with us. At the end we've had a around 40 participants who were eager to get started.

After a short intro and opening words from jan.koster we moved rooms and started the Desing Thinking exercise of the event.

The Design Thinking challenges

The event's theme was "healthcare" and we gave the participants 3 challenges they could select:

  • How can we help people with “high risk” heart failure to prevent a serious condition (stroke) by using remote monitoring?
  • How can we ensure to prevent healthy people from getting heart diseases, by educating them?
  • How can the IT department of Haga Hospital help to reduce the high number of no shows at their heart clinic?

We formed six teams and the blog from my colleague hester.hilbrecht called "Dutch scored multiple victories @InnoJam" summarizes nicely these first 6 hours of the SAP InnoJam event. There's also a Youtube playlist with all the videos recorded during the Design Thinking exercise.

Let the coding begin

After the teams finalized their exercise they went right into coding. A few of them stayed overnight to complete what they were trying to achieve.

Others went home, but at the next day in the morning everybody was excited to start coding again. Ok, some drank too much Redbull and were over-excited 🙂

But like with all InnoJams the coding comes to an end when it's time to present their prototypes to the jury.

Jury time and the winners

All teams had to present their prototypes to a jury consisting of Jelle Brouwer from SAP (Account Executive Healthcare), Rob van der Marck (Director VNSG) and Haseenah Penninkhof (a patient).

These were the 6 teams including all their presentations and names of participants (just follow the link for each team):

At the end team 6 won the event just a heart beat in front of team 5 who got second and  team 4 that got third.

The winning team together with the technology experts and the InnoJam crew

More material related to this event

Get the SAP InnoJam experience yourself

As always it was a very fun event in the Netherlands and we are very grateful for all the feedback people provided after the event. We're using that feedback to make the next SAP InnoJams even better for you.

Thanks to everybody involved in the planning and execution of this event specially all the colleagues from the VNSG, the SAP technology experts, the Design Thinking coaches, my fellow team mates at the event and behind the scenes and all the others who helped putting this event together!!

A very special thanks to Haseenah Penninkhof who was at the event as one of the interviewees and as a  jury member.

So come to one of the next SAP InnoJams and find out yourself why people like this event series so much.

In case you need some help in convincing your boss to come to one of the next SAP InnoJams  forward my blog "Top 10 reasons why your boss should send you to an SAP InnoJam event" to her/him as an additional source of information for the decision.

Feel free to add comments or forward me to other blogs/videos I've missed above. I'll just add them,



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