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More has changed at SAP lately than the logo.  Our
commitment to help our customers run simple, purposeful technology is now a
reality.  If you haven’t met this new SAP, where you can use modern
technology with no upfront commitments, start for free and grow organically at
your own pace, please allow me to introduce you.

The first technology I’d like you to meet is Lumira.
Lumira can be downloaded for free right here.

Why would you want to do this?  Because Lumira makes
your data talk to you in ways it never has.  It exposes the secrets your
data has been hiding and makes you the intrepid detective that exposes the
truth and displays it beautifully for everyone in your organization to
see.  If you want to make better decisions, tell better stories, and be
more influential within your own company I’d urge you to download your free
copy now.  Oh and did I mention- if you’d like to share that visualization
and show everyone how smart you are- you can also start doing that today- for

The second technology I’d like you to meet is Hana Cloud
Platform.  You can register for your free developer account here.

Why again you ask?

Have you ever wanted to customize your SAP environment-
change fields for example, but were deterred by the cost of the
customization?  HANA Cloud Platform is for you.  Have you or your
team ever come up with a great new idea for an app that would revolutionize
your business, but the development was just too prohibitive?  HANA Cloud
Platform is for you.  Change the game with app development that is based
on the most modern technology available and that scales up or down as you need
to, when you need to.  Be the genius who has developed the next big thing,
development is free and deployment is simple.

What’s the catch?  There isn’t one. When you are ready
to grow with these technologies we are here to help you- at your own pace, and
your own scale- affordably and simply. But
for now…just revel in the freedom to explore and experience the impact to your
business and your own success, all before making a single commitment to SAP.

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