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Dear Hasso Plattner,

Your vision and leadership successfully developed and helped us navigate through three computing (r)evolutions: Real time computing with R/2, client server computing with R/3 and now in memory computing with HANA.

Come to think of it, you made the world and with that our lives run better.

You are in inspiration to all of us, especially the SAP Mentors.

As a token of our appreciation we collected some well wished on your big day from all over the world.

Happy Birthday and thank you for all that you have done over the years.

If people want to find out more about the different well wishers, all SAP Mentors are listed on this page.

Here some pictures collected over the years of engaging with the SAP Mentors.

First SAP Mentor contact DKOM 2011

First longer meeting with SAP Mentors at Sapphire 2011. It was set for 30 minutes and 70 minutes later we took this picture.

Hanging out with SAP Mentors in Orlando 2012.

Happy to receive the SAP Mentor shirt 2013


Dr Prof Hasso Plattner - aka honorary SAP Mentor 007