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been to SAP in Walldorf? +</b></p>


been to SAP Labs in <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">Palo Alto?



been to SAP Labs in <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Israel?


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<p>For most

readers, the answer is “NO” to the majority of these questions unless you are

one of the fortunate ones signed up for one of the SDN meets Labs “<a


NetWeaver Technology Tour</a>”. </p>

<p>What if you

are unable to attend the SAP NetWeaver Technology Tour but still want

interactive sessions with “the” infamous SAP NetWeaver Developers?</p>

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<p><u>We have

another amazing offer for you!</u></p>

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<p>We would like to use this weblog to inform you of an exciting SAP NetWeaver education

opportunity brought to you by US SAP NetWeaver Product Management for our Customers.

This is a unique event where participants have a chance to interact directly

with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform development organization.</p>

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<p><b>How cool is that?</b>




              SAP NetWeaver Developer InfoDays

(DID)This time as we have greatly extended the scope, it is planned to have at least 7

concurrent parallel tracks based on the IT Practice themes. You can find out

more about the IT Practice themes at the ASUG event itself! :smile:

The sessions will be a mixture of lectures, demos, and detailed Q&As. To
maximize the interactivity and benefit for each participant, the sessions will
be relatively unstructured and limited to small groups. This will enable the
participant to influence each session and gain as much value from this event as
possible. Over the 1 ½ days each track will have at least 11 hours of SAP
NetWeaver Developer, Product Management, and Product Definition face time!


So now we know what you DID after ASUG 2005?




complete the registration form for each attendee and send it to Martha

Schmidhauser at SAP by April 25, 2005.

Email to or Fax to 650-849-4009


Link to registration form: href="">Registration form

A confirmation will be sent to each attendee prior to the event.

Each attendee is responsible for making their own travel arrangements and accommodations.

We would advise that ASUG attendees extend their existing ASUG housing (and use ASUG
negotiated rates)


forward this weblog to your colleagues, as appropriate.
If you have any further questions please post
your questions/comments on this weblog and we'll respond as soon as possible

So now we know what you DID after ASUG 2005?