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Golden Rules for Partner-built Fiori Apps Now Available

I am delighted to announce the availability of Golden Rules for partner-built Fiori apps. Partners or developers who are interested in Fiori app development now have the definitive set of rules for development thanks to the SAP Fiori team that made this possible. These Golden Rules meant specifically for partner-built SAP Fiori apps are derived from the ones used internally and serves as a great complement to the information already available as outlined on the SAP Fiori homepage.  It is definitely worth a look if you are an SAP partner or ISV developing your own new Transactional Fiori apps.

I would also like to remind everyone of the availability of the Transactional Fiori App certification for partner-built apps. For those who are interested or already on the path of developing their very own apps, the Integration and Certification Center is putting at your disposal this integration certification scenario in order to help you in your journey. The certification process is simple and straightforward. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Access Golden Rules

The Golden rules are available on SAP JAM, SAP's cloud-based collaboration platform to anyone who is interested. More specifically, the document has been posted on the JAM group SAP Partner-built Fiori Apps which was created to serve the partner community interested in developing new Transactional Fiori apps.

Please note that the group is external and so it is a private group by design (as defined by SAP JAM). Therefore, access must be granted beforehand to access the content of the group. If you are already registered on SAP JAM, you can request access to the group "SAP Partner-built Fiori apps".

My thanks to the SAP Fiori team for taking the time to share this with the broader SAP developer community.

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Thank you !