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Global or Local, Employee or Manager, Self-services are a One Stop Shop

SAP is constantly increasing the HR service offerings via employee and manager self-service.  

We at HR Service Delivery strive to be available for our employees at virtually any time.  Our Corporate Portal is available 24x7 and when we refer to HR services and self-service in particular, this is the place to go for searching and providing information, placing HR queries, processing requests or just for verification and updates of employees’ personal data. 

Scenarios implemented for employee self-services at SAP globally comprise processes related to data management and administration of personal data, such as:

o   Updates of  bank accounts, address and emergency contacts

o   Pay-slip display

o   Employment verification

On a local,i.e. country level, SAP offers self-service scenarios for:

o   Benefits enrollments and usage of local benefit related services.

o   Absence management with absence quotas and vacation/absence types overview on a personal level. Additionally, leave requests, as any other request   at  SAP, leverage workflow for the approval process.

New self-service solutions are rolled out smoothly at an increasing pace. They are easy to be managed during the roll-out phase because they are intuitive and self-explanatory for the end-users, thus no further training or enablement effort is usually required prior to going live.

SAP employees have fully embraced the self -service philosophy and keep requesting additional self -services via the internal Idea Management function.

HR Self-services for people managers represent the next level of consistent, transparent and user-friendly administration of employee’s data.

In a global company like SAP, where people managers have teams located in different countries and time-zones, a consistent HR service delivery thru automated self-service tools becomes imperative. Independent of the actual time zone and location of the manager, by leveraging the portfolio of managerial self-service tools, any SAP manager can initiate, approve or oversee these HR processes:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
    • Headcount requests
    • Requisitions and candidate assessments
    • Onboarding checklists


  • Developing and Retaining the employees:
    • Contractual variations (promotion, change of job, change of grade, etc.)
    • Off-cycle (extraordinary) salary changes


  • Exiting an Employee
    • Voluntary termination


  • Analyzing team (various reporting KPIs)
    • My Team Data
    • Manager’s desktop
    • Absences plan/actual overview for the whole team including approval workflow

Self-Service is a key driver for cost control at HR data administration. Ideal prerequisites for a successful, smooth and cost efficient implementation of self-services are process optimization and redesign (if needed) and data harmonization in the back-end HR system.  These enable the same look-and- feel of the self-service tools for the managers on the front-end, but above all, they foster the automation-driven data quality increase and an overall higher ROI of the particular HR process.

Andrea Hepnerová
SAP Global Head of Data Management at Human Resources

To Learn More, Attend:

Session 14735

Renew Employee Self-Service Processes with a Consumer-Grade Experience– Theater Presentation (Wed., 3:30-3:50pm Industries and Lines of Business Theater)