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A couple of weeks ago, well-respected industry analyst Josh Greenbaum, principal of Enterprise Applications Consulting, issued a call to action for the SAP field. One of his exhortations was to “sell the value of training and education.” Here’s an excerpt from his blog:

“Top notch training and education is probably the single best guarantee of delivering long-term value to a customer, and SAP has some impressive, and impressively under-appreciated, education assets.”

Josh is one of the smartest people I have the pleasure of working with in the technology industry, and I totally agree with him. That’s why I’m particularly jazzed about the latest release of SAP Learning Hub. Among its new capabilities designed to make learning about SAP simple and easy are:

  • Open access to anyone: this includes freelancers, consultants, and employees of SAP customers and partners
  • The opportunity to explore content before subscribing: registered users have full or partial access to 120 titles from the repository of 2,000+ learning assets
  • Collaboration: an interactive learning experience with peers and subject matter experts in virtual Learning Rooms using SAP Jam

This YouTube video gives a quick overview of the latest features in SAP Learning Hub which now runs on the cloud-based SuccessFactors Learning solution. In this interview, Markus Schwarz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Education, summarizes his thoughts on the newly launched version:

“This latest version of SAP Learning Hub completely changes not only the way we provide learning to the market, but also how people will learn in the future. After years of preparation and building, we are seeing the impact of our pioneering work with customers and partners. What we’re doing has relevance far beyond learning professionals. We’re poised to impact a much broader audience. Being positioned at the core of what SAP is doing as a company-wide transformation is energizing and exciting. Simplification, cloud computing, and an outcome-based strategy―that’s what our new educational approach brings to customers and partners.”

Other industry analysts seem to concur. Here’s an excerpt from a blog posted by industry analyst firm Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), following that firm’s preview of the new site:

“The cloud-based SAP Learning Hub concept presents a solid foundation which SAP Education can build on. It will be a suitable and efficient complement to traditional classroom training, giving the learner more freedom of choice with regard to when and what to learn.”

When Sir Francis Bacon penned the aphorism “knowledge is power” over 400 years ago he could never have envisioned the import of that phrase in the 21st century. Today businesses and consumers enjoy a plethora of sophisticated technologies offering unprecedented transformational power. SAP Learning Hub promises to help SAP users keep up with that accelerated pace of innovation.

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