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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

For some it is a surprise that SAP, which some describe as the ‘800-pound gorilla’, is investing in the startup community, striving to make them a success. Especially in the enterprise market many startup are struggling to get adoption and getting the right focus and support can make a big difference.

About a year ago in March 2012 SAP kicked-off the Start-up Focus Program with the goal to foster innovation in young dynamic companies. During its first year the SAP Start-up Focus Program has had many companies register to attend face to face events. These events are a learning, networking and showcasing event all rolled into one with a wide array of companies represented.  More details can be found here

For many and especially in the startup community this is a very valuable offering, here is a short video of a discussion from a Startup event in Cambridge, MA between Jon Reed & Scott Howser, VP Marketing at Hadapt.

There are plenty more videos at the "SAP Startup Stories" collection from is a series of commissioned projects by Jon Reed and Dennis Howlett (the "J" and "D" in JD-OD). Their mission, was to document innovation across the globe, with an eye towards HANA, Cloud, and Mobile startups. The videos mashup developer and go-to-market views, with the aim of inspiring a new breed of SAP entrepreneurs.

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