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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When engaging with support, we aim at providing a harmonized and optimized user experience for our customers. Therefore, we continuously improve how customers interact via different channels and tools.

A big step into this direction is bringing the tasks performed in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad into SAP for Me.

SAP for Me will be your personalized customer portal, and central engagement and knowledge sharing platform, which will expand over time with more support features and functionalities being added!

All support features will be transitioned from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad in a phased approach. Don’t worry, you can simultaneously use the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and we will keep you updated about the progress along the way.

Let’s walk through two support features that are already live in SAP for Me:

  • System overview

  • My Calendar

A transparent system overview and integrated cloud availability

On SAP for Me, go to the System & Provisioning dashboard (s-user required). The page opens, displaying a series of system overview cards.

You can see a generic overview of all systems including the cloud system availability and the number of open incidents for the system.

Clicking on one of the systems will bring you to the system detail page, from where you can edit the system or manage the remote connection.

Clicking on the ‘Availability’ tab will take you to the list of all system outage events and the status, e.g. upcoming maintenance, service disruption with the start & end time.

Expanding the event ID you will be able to see all communicated activities related to it.


Calendar view of important events

On SAP for Me clicking on ‘My Calendar’, you can see the important event dates including planned maintenance for cloud services, license key expiry, Schedule an Expert or Schedule a Manager sessions, SAP Security Patch Days and the SAP extranet release dates in one single view.

Clicking on the event, you will be able to see more details of it or join your Schedule an Expert/ Schedule a Manager session directly.

Using SAP for Me to engage with support will make it easier for you to manage your tasks in one place and engage with SAP’s Product Support – try it out today!