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My son Felix is a gifted tennis player – at least that is what his trainers at the UK National Tennis Center say about him. Although just 10 years old he is already part of a National Performance Tennis program that aims to form the elite tennis players of the future. Andy Murray watch your back…

To become a global Top 10 tennis player one need to have a lot of qualities  - starting from athletic ability to strategic thinking to perfecting the technique.

One needs to have the willingness to train hard, to go beyond the boundaries  - consistently and at all times. It also needs the right training program, a trainer team that understands the needs of the players and has the insight into what the tennis of the future will look like.  Last but not least one needs the endless support from parents, friends, school and everyone that is important to Felix.

In a nutshell Felix needs an end-to-end solution that will make him into a better tennis player.

I think this is similar to the situation you are in. How about if you could find the right solution and not just the right product for your enterprise challenges?

How great would it be if you could just identify your business problems and then get presented with an end-to-end solution that adresses your specific business needs?

The brand new SAP Solution Explorer might be exactly what you were looking for. A single simple source for solution content that explains the business value of SAP’s solutions to you regardless if you are key business or IT decision maker.

SAP Solution Explorer makes it much simpler for customers like you to find and buy our Solutions because we explain the why, the what, and the how.

SAP also integrated Value Maps within the SAP Solution Explorer to show the strategic value of solutions for an industry or line of business. You can interactively analyze and understand how your business priorities match SAP Solutions.

Now that is a great way to explore SAP’s abilities to help you to solve your business challenges. SMARTER, FASTER SIMPLER

I’m still waiting for an automated end-to-end solution for my son’s existing path towards professional tennis. Finding relevant solutions to address his ever changing needs would be a priceless advantage from my point of view.

Please give the SAP Solution Explorer a try and let me know what you think. I look forward to your feedback.