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Do you want to rapidly innovate by leveraging new technology paradigms?

Innovate your business with next generation applications and derive business value; HANA Applications are designed to provide innovation without disruption – side-by-side, risk-free & implementation at low cost.

Precisely, HANA Applications manage and analyze big data from the SAP Business Suite and external data sources. Not only do these applications come with simulation and predictive capabilities, but combine analytics with transactions to convert insight-into-action in real-time.

In summary, following capabilities are provided:

  • Manage, analyze, join, calculate on big data
  • Provide simulation & predictive capabilities
  • Combine analytics with transactional data to convert insight immediately into action
  • Innovate by superior user experience leveraging HTML5, including social collaboration capabilities
  • Adopt in a risk-free, non-disruptive side-by-side mode and deployed on-premise or in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Find further information on following next generation applications: Customer Engagement Intelligence, Fraud Management, Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning and Demand Signal Management.

HANA applications provide customers with a choice of deployment options. For instance, the Customer Engagement Intelligence is built in a way that it can co-exist and run seamlessly with SAP Business Suite or SAP Business Warehouse. The “side-by-side” solution with SAP Business Suite is often preferred, having an own SAP HANA database and making use of the SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server to replicate data from their CRM and ERP system. With this, existing systems remain unchanged and customers gain value immediately without running upgrade projects. This enables a risk-free implementation with low cost and helps businesses drive operational actions from real-time insight in order to stay ahead of competition in their industry.

Both Customer Engagement Intelligence and Fraud Management can also be operated in the HANA Enterprise Cloud. Check out the free 3-day trial for Customer Engagement Intelligence  or Fraud Management .

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Gönül Tanriver

Suite on HANA Operations