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A few people have done this and shared with us the fun little tools they have in their HTTP bags or TCPIP bags and what not. Well I just happen to have my Web Developer bag here and open on my desk and I thought I would give you all a little pick inside...

As a Web Developer you often need lots of different little tools and items to make your life and work easier. I, for one, have a few that I've grown so accustomed to over the years that I just can't part with and others that are rather new but have quickly found their way inside.


  • FireFox with all the goodies (including User Agent Switcher so I can use BSP's) the Developer tools are just great
  • Maxthon, this is a wrapper for IE that is loaded with features you get get some nifty plugins as well.
  • HTTP Look, great way to watch your HTTP requests to help with debugging.
  • Textpad, nice features for working with multiple files at one time.
  • GIMP for Windows to do graphics
  • Abilon, for my RSS feeds (has proxy suppot)
  • Eclipse, for my PHP, Perl and Java development with the "Multi-Clipboard", "Logwatcher" and "PHPEclipse" plugins.
  • Grab Capture Screen, for my screen captures.
  • Anything else I need I go look here

All of that in there makes my bag worth millions but in reality I only had to pay for the HTTP Look and Textpad licenses. So it cost me around $50.00 over the last several years. Not a bad deal I would say and most of all of this is transportable via my USB stick. In fact 80% of it runs quite well directly from my USB stick.


Well after taking a look at what Gregor wrote and Brian wrote I've made some changes to my bag, I am now using instead of HTTPLook and TextPad, the tools Notepad++, which is based on Scite that Gregor recommended it's just a bit more robust for multiple file handling; as well as Ethereal recommended also by Gregor.

I've also updated my favorites and bookmark with what Brian suggested.

I also almost forgot, for those of you doing telnet and SSH then you just have to have PuTTY.

For those of you who tried out the Maxthon browser with the myWebsites plugin then you've seen that you simply need to update the URL files on your USB stick and then running Maxthon from your USB stick and having the favorites there as well you can take it all with you!

So that now leaves me with a complete 0 cost for my bag! And everything other than Maxthon runs in both Linux and Windows and when I use a bigger USB stick I could have 100% of everything running from there and so far everything still runs quite well!