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I get very excited when my passions happen to cross.  I love to cook, and I’m fascinated with the restaurant business.  Therefore, there should be no surprise that I’m a fan of the show, Restaurant Impossible, hosted by Chef Robert Irvine. It’s a fairly dramatic show where the hero chef shows up to work with the owners of a selected restaurant to somehow overcome their many obstacles to transform their business and often save the day. I noticed a Sysco Foods television ad with Chef Robert Irvine that included a passing shot of a mobile app implying he could immediately order more “oysters”. See app at 14 seconds into video.

You can imagine my delight when a few days later I watched an interview from the Mobile World Congress 2013 by Oliver Betz, the Global Head of Custom Mobile Business at SAP, highlighting the co-innovation between Sysco Foods and SAP to develop a mobile app for chefs to use in their kitchen for order and inventory management. See Oliver's demo at 8:35 into the video.

You can see more of Oliver’s recap of the Mobile World Congress.

I am, of course, interested in hearing more about the co-innovation journey between Sysco Foods and SAP.  So, oliver.betz, I’ll be tracking you down at  SAPPHIRE NOW to learn more about this exciting project.

You can hear about this journey and others by visiting the Mobile Design Center at SAPPHIRE NOW. Register today.

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