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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In the month since I first posted about on Personas on SCN, we have received many questions from our co-innovation partners, internal SAP people, and others that have seen a demo or heard about the solution.

First, let me clarify: SAP Screen Personas IS NOT PART OF SAP’s STANDARD UI OFFERINGS. It was developed during a customer co-innovation project to solve their specific needs. As a result, it is limited in scope to modifying Dynpro screens. Based on interest from other customers, we have chosen to make this technology available to other customers through our Custom Development organization.

As a reminder, SAP Screen Personas is a browser-based, drag-and-drop tool (offered through SAP Custom Development) for streamlining SAP Dynpro screens. It allows a high degree of personalization without programming or knowledge of back end systems. For some customers, this will become their GUI to access classic SAP systems, perhaps in conjunction with NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).

In this post, I’ll answer some of the questions we hear most often. As more inquiries come in, I’ll address them in a separate blog. Since there were many questions, I have grouped them by topic.

Functionality - Basic (for end-users)

Can I combine screens and tabs?

Yes. SAP Screen Personas can display data from different (even hidden) tabs on a single screen.

Can I pre-fill fields?

Yes. SAP Screen Personas includes support for different sets of pre-fills (pick-lists, radio buttons, pre-fill with default).

Can I add additional content to the screens?

Yes. SAP Screen Personas allows you to add additional content to the screen. You can add custom labels, text fields, “post-it” notes, script buttons, launch buttons as well as web content.

What prevents people from modifying the screen to make it unusable?

We are working hard to prevent users from causing issues for themselves. We provide a fallback to the default SAP rendering. There is also an undo function to reverse changes.

Functionality - Advanced (for IT)

Does it support scripting?

Yes. Scripting and conditional formatting features are available to both IT and key users. The scripting uses pre-defined actions as well as access to JavaScript.

Can I create new transactions?

No. SAP Screen Personas does not allow you to create new transactions.

Can I combine multiple transactions on a single screen?

Partially. You can create a new screen with SAP Screen Personas that interacts with other screens across multiple transactions.

Can I combine SAP content and non-SAP content on the same screen?

Using the embedded HTML control, you are able to embed different sources of content on a Dynpro screen, such as HTML from external sources.


Can SAP Screen Personas modify all SAP screens?

SAP Screen Personas can modify Dynpro screens, specifically screens that can be accessed using the SAP Web GUI.

For the more technical: these are Dynpro screens rendered by ITS (Internet Transaction Server). This does NOT include Web Dynpro screens, which you can modify using SAP Floorplan Manager.

Which modules can SAP Screen Personas work with?

SAP Screen Personas can address most screens of ECC version 6.

Is SAP Screen Personas part of an enhancement pack (EhP)?

No. SAP Screen Personas is licensed separately.

SAP Screen Personas connects to the Kernel - regardless of the EhP version - all that is required is a Kernel version of 7.21 or later.

Note: this can be different from your NetWeaver version.

Does it run in all browsers?

It runs in any browser that supports Silverlight.

This includes IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera on either Windows or MacOS.

Not supported: Linux versions, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS.

Will it work on my iPad?

No. SAP Screen Personas works on the Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 tablets.


How does this fit into SAP’s broader UX strategy?

SAP Screen Personas does not change SAP’s broader UX strategy, which includes NWBC and Web Dynpro for on-premise solutions. In fact, SAP Screen Personas screens can be rendered in the browser or in the NWBC canvas area. NWBC integration is the focus of one of our co-innovation projects.

Why another personalization option?

Customers have been asking SAP for an easy way to change Dynpro screens. SAP Screen Personas fills that need.

If you have additional questions, please post them as a comment or contact me.