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In any growing market space, collaboration among companies is key to success -- a rising tide lifts all boats. David Sacks, director of SAP’s Partner Ecosystem, described the several different types of relationships SAP has nurtured in order to expand its IoT offerings to customers at the PTC LiveWorx conference in Boston.

In what Sacks called the “before-market” arena, he said SAP has partnered with fellow technology vendors to leverage already existing technologies in order to get products and services to channel partners and customers as quickly as possible.

When it comes to channel partners, Sacks encouraged them to build solutions for any “niche space” that has been neglected by SAP’s existing offerings.

“Maybe there will be an entire area of a solution uncovered,” he said.

Sacks described SAP’s partner program around IoT as “open” and extensive -- its tools and resources can be used for everything from building solutions to selling and managing supply chains.

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