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lars.breddemann is today #6 with 452 points in our 12-month leaderboard in the HANA Developer Center. Perfect time to learn more about him, where he comes from and why he joined the HANA Dev Center Community. Get to know Lars and read this interview.

1. Please tell us something about you, what is your background, your relationship to SAP?

[Lars] I've been with SAP now since 2003 and spent most of the time in database support for Oracle and SAP MaxDB. A couple of years ago I moved to the BW support team to work there on the solution to DB-related issues. Things like query execution plan analysis, problems with cardinality estimation, wrong results and stuff like this were my main focus there. When the HANA topic came up to a broader internal audience in 2010 I took the opportunity to work on this new platform support wise. After one and a half year of building up what is now the primary support for SAP HANA I moved again last September to the Customer Solution Adoption team.

In my current role I focus on helping customers to a beautiful experience with their HANA system. This could mean that I create How-To documents or that I deliver trainings or that I help out in critical project phases – basically whatever it takes, to get the solution ready.

2. What excites you about SAP HANA? Do you have a specific use case or scenario, where you used it?

[Lars] Since I've been involved in a lot of different customer projects and proof of concepts, there is not the single one use case for me. Basically it could be any of the use cases for me, as long as the problem at hand or the development challenge is around the core db features. So, I'm rather likely to not dig too deep into the inner workings of, say, a SAP BO DataServices job, although DS clearly is within the HANA solution area.

Technically I like to see how to the product evolves and the speed at which this is performed. Actually the whole company changed for this and the way development works has changed a lot as well.It's much more 'agile' these daysm  to come up with a buzz word.

3. What motivates you to be active in the HANA Developer Center community and to answer questions?

[Lars] To me SCN, or the former SDN, looked like a very good thing to be part of pretty much from the day I registered (this must have been sometime in 2007 or 2008). There are a lot of interesting questions out there. Things you wouldn't see in a "normal" SAP environment, since SAP always had its own, very specific ways of using a DBMS.

Also, I do get quite a lot of positive feedback and people that tell me that they've learned from the stuff I presented in my blog posts.

I like that a lot and getting into discussions and learning by that is something that keeps me coming back.

4. Do you have a wish for a future HANA Developer Center?

[Lars] I think that something like a implementation pattern catalog is missing. Some place where interested folks can go and learn how to implement this or that.

And of course the bad examples, the anti-pattern, that you don't want to use in your solution. That's something I think could be interesting and beneficial to many.

5. How can we improve our offers for HANA developers?

[Lars] Other than that, I still like the SCN – although I yet have to come to terms with the 'new' forum UI… :wink:

Thank you Lars for your time!lars.breddemann on SCN!

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