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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I like training on demand. I like customizable courseware. And I like that SAP Education cares about my opinions about training.

Inspired by Sabine Benz’ post, I completed a survey that SAP Education (through Pierre Audoin Consultants) is conducting. It took me just 5 minutes – maybe even less – to complete their survey. It’s short but sweet – gets right down to the basics that ought to inform SAP Education strategy and plans.

  • Individual goals for training and how well SAP training meets them
  • What’s most important in the way training is created and delivered
  • What makes the best training experience
  • The advantage of SAP versus third-party training

When it comes right down to it, I know that training is important. So I expect that the time invested in taking that survey will pay off in the overall effectiveness of what SAP Education delivers. As Sabine notes, “Needless to say, your data will be treated as strictly confidential. All data is evaluated in aggregated and anonymized form. It will not be possible to draw any conclusion revealing your organization.”

SAP Education is reaching out to the ecosystem of SAP professionals, so I figured why not let them know what I think? The survey concluded March 11 - we will soon publish the results of the survey. Stay tuned!