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Are excited to know what are highlights of first 2 days at SAPTechEd ? We are happy to share the top stories so far at SAPTechEd. This blog will give you a quick summary on the top stories of SAPTechEd 2014.

Excited audience approximately ~7000  gathered at SAPTechEd Las Vegas this year including Developers, IT professionals, Business users and others.  The event kicked off with the keynote by Steve Lucas, global president of the SAP Platform Solutions Group, leading the go-to-market teams and strategy for key innovations and technologies including SAP HANA, Analytics, Mobile, Platform as a Service, and Big Data. His presentation topic was " Making it Real". He demonstrated how to use the key innovations and technologies to solve real world problems.

The theme of his presentation was "Amazing People doing Extraordinary things with Purposeful Technology"

He highlighted about how business applications connect with Network using the Platforms built. SAP Hana Cloud Platform, one platform that enables you to build applications 100 times simpler whether it is on premise or cloud. Customer testimonials were also presented during the keynote. He showed examples of how companies are co-innovating along with SAP to solve real world problems that weren't considered before. Want to know more information? You can watch Keynote replay here

Today, Oct 21st morning started with keynote by Björn Goerke, Executive Vice President and Corporate Officer,SAP Product & Innovation Technology, SAP SE who leads SAP's technology platform development and research activities for both on-premise and cloud solutions, for an exploration of the infinite possibilities enabled by the SAP platform.

He focused on singular strategy and vision, our latest innovations, and our new operating principle: "Run simple." He presented about the value proposition of SAP Hana, one experience, one platform and one truth. He did a detailed presentation on roadmap of SAP Hana

Also, few customer testimonials were presented during the session and excellent demos were showcased to audience. Björn Goerke also highlighted about the SAP HCP mobile services. See below image. You can watch Keynote replay here.

Then, all the other sessions  like codejam mini editions and interviews started.

CODEJAM MINI EDITIONS: SAP Gateway for Microsoft, Product Management team scheduled 3 sessions.

Excited audience gathered at the Code Jam mini editions of SAP Gateway for Microsoft.  Our product experts, Jenny Lundberg & Edward Lu led these sessions.

a. CJ600: Integrate SAP Data in Microsoft Outlook via SAP Gateway for Microsoft

We highlighted how easy it is to get SAP data in an enterprise-ready manner in Outlook leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft. We integrated SAP Workflow, contacts, and calendar items in Outlook.

b. CJ614: Enterprise-Ready .NET Applications Leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft

In this session, we developed an enterprise-ready C# application that can read and write back SAP information in a scalable and secure manner leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft

c. CJ612: Outlook Integration via SAP Gateway for Microsoft Leveraging SAP Fiori

In this session, we showcased how easy it is to enrich SAP Fiori with an additional UI. We took an SAP Fiori service and used it to bring the data to Microsoft Outlook. SAP Gateway for Microsoft allows users to bring SAP Fiori workflows to Outlook Tasks, SAP Fiori My Contacts to Outlook Contacts, or SAP Fiori My Timesheets in the Outlook calendar.

Developers and other professionals enjoyed learning to build applications leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft, they got the opportunity to explore about the interoperability solutions delivered by SAP Gateway for Microsoft.Audience got hands on experience to build applications on the interoperability platform, SAP Gateway for Microsoft.

I would like to congratulate the team :smile: , for  the success of SAP Gateway for Microsoft CodeJam mini editions at SAPTechEd today!!

All in all, SAPTechEd 2014 had great opening this year! Now, lets check the agenda for tomorrow, Oct 22nd.

1.Road Map Q&A Session:

ITM824: SAP Gateway for Microsoft ( Date: Oct 22nd -Time:10:AM to 11: AM )

2.SAP & Microsoft session: Innovating for Your Success

INT108: Microsoft and SAP: Innovating for Your Success (Date: Oct 22nd Wed- Time: 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m)

Join this session to learn how Microsoft and SAP innovate with cloud, mobility, and interoperability solutions that empower your enterprise and provide real-time access to critical business information.

Now, it’s great opportunity for you to stop by the Microsoft Pod booth#152 and ask your questions about SAP Gateway for Microsoft.

For any information about SAPTechEd && DCode Check here. Stay tuned!! to see the top stories of tomorrow! Oct 22nd.

We also invite you to follow us on our social media channels for more updates on .SAP TechEd and D-code 2014!

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