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SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles for a completely reimagined user experience. Fiori is emerged out of HTML5 and Java libraries. To be able to run SAP Fiori apps, the runtime environment (such as the browser) of the client must support HTML5. It’s based on JavaScript, using JQuery as its foundation and follows web standards. Nevertheless, it cuts an edge over other front-end technologies as it lets one

       a.                   Build enterprise-ready web applications. See fig. 1

                                                                             This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

                                                                                fig. 1

       b.                   Responsive to all devices.  However, this feature is also provided See fig 2.


                                                                               Fig. 2

                            Nonetheless, cordvoa used with bootstrap also delivers responsiveness UI. On the other hand, SAP Fiori UX provides a personalized and role-based user experience for enterprise-wide engagement across lines of business. It provides optimal usability on multiple  devices  for the best business interactions and ease of use.

       c.                  Runs on almost any browser of your choice.

       d.                 Bind the data to different models such as JSON, XML and OData.

      e.             When combined with power of SAP HANA platform, SAP Fiori delivers unmatched responsiveness. See fig. 3

                                                                       This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

                                                                               Fig. 3

   f.  Leverages existing SAP ERP, CRM etc applications by providing instant value to all employees and processes.

     g. With respect to employee efficiency and productivity it takes in lower TCO.

     h. The app store version of SAP Fiori Client uses Hybrid SDK (Kaspel) and Cordova plugins to provide a predetermined set of native device capabilities.

It eases your development with a client-side HTML5 rendering library including a rich set of controls and supports data binding to different models. In the SAP Fiori system landscape with SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS), you can use transactional and analytical apps. With SAP Smart Business cockpits, which use the SAP Fiori UX, users get instant insight to action with real-time information access, in one place, for the best simplified business interactions and ease of use. SAP Smart Business cockpits allow users to analyze and evaluate strategic or operational KPIs with graphical visualization in real time and trigger the right action by launching the respective transactions.

Companies running SAP can now deploy SAP Fiori apps that provide great user experience to support business tasks on many devices. Using best practices, service providers install the infrastructure. Quickly and predictably, companies can boost employee productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Some of the cool fiori apps can be accessed on



Manisha Madhwani