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As the eventful year wagon comes to a screeching hiatus, let us have a dekko yet again at the over abused and exploited “as-a-service” phrase bit ,this time in the world of Fiori and jump to what is new on the platter.

What is Fiori-as-a-Service?

Fiori-as-a-Service is SAP Fiori, cloud edition, an SAP offering which aims at adding a renewed and fresh SAP perspective to the Business Suite encounters. It ensures that the new Fiori UI layer is deployed and resides merrily on the SAP HANA cloud Platform (HCP) connected to your on premise systems.

It has the following impressive features-

  • Provision to extend and develop Fiori apps,
  • Apply corporate branding
  • Manage app Versions
  • Simple UI that can be accessed over any device
  • Single personalized entry point via FLP

All this brilliant stuff is provided as-a-service for productive use.

This shall be delivered with a specific number of SAP Fiori apps across lines of business containing HCM (e.g. Leave Requests, Timesheets), CRM, Retail, Travel and Expense, Logistics (SD), Logistics (MM), Finance. It covers the most popular, oft-used cases.

How to get started?

Let us assume you already have an HCP Trial account (If not, one will be created for you once you click on the Customize and Extend Tile).You can as well select from the available options at the top right  corner depending on whether you wish to develop apps or manage versions or customize theme. Once you click on any of it, you are all set to vroom J(Please note that with your trial account, Fiori Launchpad ,UI Theme designer and Fiori apps are automatically added .The free trial account lasts for 90 days.)

Any and every doubt /query can be cleared by referring to SAP Fiori ,Cloud Edition

Stay Fast, Stay Simple, Stay Fiori-ous!