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I don’t know a single person who at one point in their life thought a monster didn’t live under the bed or in their closet. As we grow up the monsters change, evolve. If you’re in marketing, a few of these monsters, or super villains, are all around us and quite honestly our biggest fears as we continue to transform to meet the needs of our customers.  

There are three super villains in the modern marketing era:

  1. Big Bad Data
  2. Inefficiency
  3. Impersonal Interactions

By letting these villains carry on as we sit idly by waiting to be rescued, we risk losing our informed and empowered customers. Here are a few ways you can be a super hero to ward off this path to destruction.

Big Bad Data In Marketing

Circumventing big data’s evil plan requires a well thought out strategy. The right weapon, or solution, makes all the difference. According to the infographic below, one of the ways to do this is understand that even though data is unbiased, the way you look at it may not be.

Ask a lot of questions to make sure you’re getting the right answers.

Inefficiency in Marketing

Did you know that on average marketing professionals waste 1 to 6 hours a week managing content? Inefficiency is the kryptonite to successfully getting to your customers. The infographic suggests that today’s CMOs and marketing organizations need to be both agile and responsive. Doing everything in real-time, like making instant adjustments based on performance.

If you have the right data strategy in place, this will be easy.

Impersonal Interactions

In the future of customer experience, the experience will far outweigh the product. We are seeing this trend pick up, as places like Wegman’s and Zappos are reporting high customer engagement because of the unique experience they provide. 

After beating Big Data and optimizing the time spent, you’ll see higher response rates and an increased loyalty.

So what are the other steps to beating the marketing villains? Check out the rest of the infographic for more insights.