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If you are interested in the SAP sustainability offerings, I am sure that you already know our Carbon Impact OnDemand solution which can help you analyze and report carbon footprint and provide recommendations on how to reduce it; what you may not know yet is that together with a partner solution, you may extend Carbon Impact solution into data center management.  Adding BusinessObjects Explorer into the mix, real time data center carbon analysis and reports becomes readily available with a few clicks.  

That’s what we found out from a recent proof-of-concept (POC) test conducted by SAP and Sentilla at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) in Palo Alto, California. The POC uses Sentilla Energy Manager 3.0, SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand 5.0, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 5.0, and a defined set of servers, storage, network, and facilities equipment and appliances at the COIL data centers.

Leveraging SAP and Sentilla software, CIOs gain visibility into operating expenses, energy performance, carbon impact, capacity, and service efficiency in the data center. Additionally, CIOs will be able to measure, analyze, and manage the data center energy capacity and carbon consumption, achieving not only carbon footprint reduction but also lower energy consumption and cost – by 25% or more as claimed by Sentilla executives.

How? Hear it directly from Eddie White of Sentilla from a recent eco-innovation forum at COIL. If you have missed the onsite session in March 31, 2011, don’t miss to check out the online recording from here SAP Co-innovation Lab Eco-innovation Forum

We also have a joint whitepaper published at to provide more details for the business context of the PoC, the integration landscapes, and the deliverables from the integration. Feel free to check it out.

We enjoyed working with Sentilla for the PoC, but that certainly is not the end of our journey of exploring innovations with partners in the sustainability area.  Let us know if you have more innovative ideas for extending SAP sustainability solutions into data center management. COIL is an open lab, and our doors are open for all customers and partners to work with us to demonstrate how our customers can benefit from more joint solutions.