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SAP Certified Solution Directory (in short named as CSD) is an online directory built for the partners/ISVs to showcase their certified solutions/products.

SAP customers are actively using this directory to know about the certified partners and their solutions.

If you are a unique partner company in your space/industry/domain with an SAP Certified solution then SAP customer focus is more on the certified solution.

The SAP Certified Solutions Directory is also available as a  mobile app for Android phones and tablets to make it easier to access the information anywhere and anytime.


Why is CSD important?

  • Customers can find the right SAP certified solution for their business needs.

  • Partners/ISV’s can showcase their business application on both Cloud and On-Premise platforms.

  • Partners/ISV’s can publish this link while promoting their solution.

  • Net new customers can accelerate their innovation and easier implementation effort by finding readily available certified solutions.


What are the benefits of CSD?

  • SAP Customers can get to know the complete profile of the partner company.

  • A detailed description along with the top most key features about the partner solution will be listed.

  • Helps to identify to which SAP solution the partner/ISV’s application is integrating with.

  • Certified ISV’s/partners will receive edit rights for this Online directory to ensure the information is updated if the certification is valid.

  • Customers can find Industry specific (like energy and natural resources, financial industries, public services), country or region-specific partners

  • Customers can access the detail description to partner solution certification at the demo link provided by the ISV/partners which help customers to perform a competitive analysis between different certified solutions from same or different industries.

One can use the functionality of the CSD provided by SAP Integration and Certification Centre(SAP ICC). SAP ICC provides partners/ISVs with the edit rights to access the list of their Certified Solutions from Certified Solution Directory based on the S-user id.

Here is the link for the CSD:


Below are the screen shots on how to use SAP Certified Solutions Directory based on filters.

Screen 1: Look and Feel of CSD

Screen 2: You can search the solution based on filter “Certification Scenario, certifications, Country wise and more”

Screen 3: You can also search for partners based on filter “Product expertise and more”


SAP Integration and Certification center (SAP ICC) provide services around third-party software integration with SAP solutions facilitating seamless integration of SAP partner software ensuring high quality SAP ecosystem of partner solutions.

Certified partner solution contributes to the comprehensive value proposition and innovation sources for their customers. SAP ICC helps partners to leverage SAP branding and momentum and accelerate the market ramp-up cycle.


Marketing benefits provided by SAP ICC after successful completion of the certification.

Once the certification process is completed successfully,

  • Certificate and detailed test report will be provided to the partners/ISV’s.

  • Logos, social media, success stories, press release support according to the SAP branding will be provided.

  • SAP Certified Solution directory is linked with the partner solution information where partners also have edit rights to promote their certified solution.

  • Exclusive invitation for Partner Meet up Events to explore the latest innovation opportunities and create new business opportunities. To know more about how to enhance your marketing strategy please click here.


Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you’ve learnt how to take full advantage of all the benefits of CSD. If you would like to know more about CSD, please email