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(This is episode 4 of 7 in a series about the Build journey for ISVs. Download the complete journey document here)

As part of the award-winning SAP PartnerEdge program, the ‘Build’ engagement model offers solution providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) the ability to rapidly design, build, and commercialize their applications under a single, comprehensive partner program. Whether they are creating standalone commercial software, extending SAP solutions, integrating and connecting to SAP data, or modernizing an existing application, the SAP PartnerEdge ­– Build program will support them at every stage of their journey, which we have divided in the following steps:

In this fourth blog post of the series, we look at the plan and design stage of the ISV build journey. To catch up with the earlier stages, you may want to read the previously published posts:

Get Inspired!

Before starting the development of his application, the partner needs to know what they want to develop. We offer several resources to help plan and design their application, which are summarized in the picture below (for an explanation about the colors and icons used, please read the introductory blog post).


First, the partner can get inspiration from the various business scenarios we’ve published on the Build Better site on When following the upper path, they can read about partner success stories to understand how the capabilities of SAP solutions can help them design the right application for their industry or line of business use case.

On the SAP PartnerEdge portal they can visit the “Plan and Design” section* to find product-related and developer-related resources. The product documentation on the SAP Help portal will help them understand what’s new, how to install or configure the software, and explore development guides.

Exploring use cases

Now let’s look at the lower path. We have made many different business scenarios available on the Build Better site, covering different technology areas of SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics, and SAP Database and Data Management. Use cases are continuously being added, so remember to come back from time to time!

In the picture above, I have used SAP Cloud Platform as an example. Partners can navigate to the SAP Cloud Platform site to find specific information about available cloud scenarios. They can explore example cloud use cases and download very detailed blueprint documents for each use case to serve as a basis for their own application. There is a wealth of information on the SAP Cloud Platform site, and I encourage all partners to have a look!

With all this information at their disposal, the partner can now design the architecture of their solution, and knows which components they need. SAP PartnerEdge – Build partners may request specific technical or business case advice via their Partner Service Advisor or Partner Manager, if needed. They are now ready to start the actual development of their application!

Next up: Step 4 – Build and Innovate

In the next blog post, we will enter the build and innovate stage. Below, you'll find an appetizer. Looking forward to seeing you back next week!


* Links in this blog posts marked with an asterisk indicate resources that are only accessible for members or partners of SAP PartnerEdge. An S-user ID is required to access.