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As the clock ticks down, I can feel the excitement rising as we prepare to open the Experience SAP doors to the world on 8th July.

As Centre Manager, I've been involved from the concept through to the completion.

This is the start of a brand new era here at SAP, the first time we have a physical experience which demonstrates how life-changing innovation is driving us into the future. The perfect example of this is ‘Future Runs SAP’. Whether you like playing detective or searching for patterns in data, this is the place for you (and my personal favourite).

Here we look at how SAP technology can help solve crimes in the future, by piecing together evidence, identifying suspects and analysing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. You’ll also investigate CCTV footage, DVLA records, and social media feeds, to predict and catch the criminal masterminds behind a string of daring art heists before they strike again.  It’s also designed to get you thinking in new ways, something you’ll encounter in each of our different zones.  The best way to open your mind to the latest thinking is to visit Experience SAP yourself. To learn more, watch the video and book your place at