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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

You might have heard about “SAP ERP on HANA”, “HANA Live” and “Fiori”, but due to various reasons not yet got any hands-on experience?

With the now available rapid-deployment solution for SAP ERP Foundation Extension in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library [CAL], you can set up your own SAP ERP on HANA landscape with extended innovations, such as  SAP Fiori, SAP HANA Live, SAP Access Control capabilities in only a couple of hours. This landscape has been completely configured with best practices content and runs out-of-the-box directly.

This rapid-deployment solution combines five proven rapid-deployment solutions into one seamlessly integrated preinstalled landscape.

On the business content side, about 80 end-to-end localized business processes have been configured and run with Fiori Apps, HANA analytics reports. Access control provides additional user access management. 

The key ERP processes included are Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Manufacturing, Services, Financial Accounting and Controlling. To give you an impression on Fiori Apps implemented, some examples of them are SAP Smart Business for purchasing, SAP Smart Business for Sales Order Fulfillment, MRP - Monitor Materials with Shortages, Cash Management,  Billing/Accounting Document Factsheet. Find more details here.

This solution is currently in SAP CAL as subscription solution. Very soon a Trial Offer for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will be available, stay tuned on

If you are not very familiar with SAP CAL, there is very effective information to get you onboard:

1.       Learn more about SAP CAL SAP CAL FAQ

2.       Get your hands on the available Solutions in SAP CAL [Read this blog]

In case you have your access to SAP CAL, why are you still waiting? Try it out.

  • Create your own instance of the SAP ERP Foundation Extension solution in SAP CAL
  • Follow the User Guide attached to the SAP ERP Foundation Extension solution to the solution to execute post-activities
  • Start your experience assistant by the demo script