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Many of the thirty-thousand attendees who went to SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 are still buzzing with excitement. From the keynotes, to sessions and endless networking opportunities, everyone is questioning, what is Qualtrics and how can intelligent enterprises reap the benefits of this latest addition to SAP?

One of the major themes I took home from SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 was how businesses need to define and leverage both experience data (X-data) and operational data (O-data) to create exceptional and memorable customer experiences. First, what is X and O data and why are these types of data important to support organizations?

The marriage of X and O data in Support

This X and O data is what will make the “Experience Economy” run and it will change the way businesses compete. For Support organizations to thrive, they must continuously listen to their customers’ feedback and connect with their feelings and desires. With the rise of social media, it has never been easier for customers to evaluate which companies provide accessible and timely support versus ones who don’t.

So what is the operational data (O-data) in Support? It is the very data that many support organizations are already working with, such as: incoming volumes, backlog size, time to resolve, closure rates, etc. O-Data is of course the absolutely critical measures to successfully managing a business.

Experience data (X-data) for support is fundamentally different. This data measures how customers (and employees) feel—their emotions, beliefs, intentions, loyalty to brand and more. Examples of X-data come from net promoter scores, customer feedback, satisfaction scores, employee engagement, product reviews and the like.

While O-data tells a support organization what is happening, X-data tells it why it is happening and what to do about it.

Experience Management in Intelligent Enterprises

Today, companies need the ability to interpret the massive amount of X-data but they also need to understand how it connects to O-data. The major roadblock for support organizations is that they are typically O-data rich but X-data poor. With Experience Management powered by SAP and Qualtrics, support organizations will be able to:

  • Listen to their customers and understand how much of an impact their experiences will affect their bottom lines. Real time.

  • Empower their employees to act on things that deliver breakthrough business results.

  • Understand the levers that directly affect customer sentiment or the ability to adjust our processes based on a change in customer behavior.

Qualtrics makes this possible by providing 10 new offerings in Customer Experience (CX), employee experience and market research, where X-data is directly embedded into an enterprise’s applications. It is only a matter of time that support organizations wed the two types of data to create the ultimate customer and employee experiences.

This new category of Experience Management is how organizations like Support can compete and win in the experience economy. Customers and consumers want to be seen and heard and we will provide them with channels where we listen with empathy. Experience Management will provide SAP Product Support deeper insights about the customer experience, more than ever before, with the ability to rapidly turn their insights into actions.

Interested in hearing more? Watch my update from the show floor at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019. Relive the SAPPHIRE NOW event by watching the keynote highlights.