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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Update on 23 Nov, 2020: 'Product Function' is now highlighted by default on first entry. In case you are familiar with 'Components', it is still possible to categorize with them. The incident categorization will remember the users' preferred categorization for the following entry.

Update on 25 Aug, 2020: The feature has been moved from pilot to production.

Updated on 28 July, 2020 with improvements coming from pilot user feedback:

  • 'Topics' is renamed to 'Product Functions'

  • Screenshots and workflow updated


Have you already discovered our latest feature "Product Function" on the SAP ONE Support Launchpadwhich helps you to simplify the categorization of your incident? This feature is part of your overall incident management optimization efforts and like the previous improvements, it also results from customer surveys and valuable discussions with our users. Therefore, succeeding our articlesImproved incident creation application simplifies your incident creation process and Improved incident creation – try SAP’s new support assistant we’d like to draw your attention to the introduction of an alternative approach to categorize incidents using"Product Function". 


"Product Functions" are a simplified, product-based categorization, taking the system and product area you’ve selected into consideration: 

SAP ONE Support Launchpad 

  1. Click the tile “Report an Incident

  2. You first select a system:

  3. You select a Product Area which is installed on the selected system. Either via "Recently Used"or via “All” – you can also select a finer granularity level if it is available:Related products can easily be accessed via a click on “Related Products”You also have direct access to generic areas “Services and Support” to report e.g. an SAP ONE Support Launchpad issue:The selected product area and additional level are visualized:

  4. This will either propose a support assistant or you continue to provide the subject and description in the form:

  5. You now can either select a newly introduced “Product Function” or a classical Component” via:

a. Suggested which are derived by an AIT service
b. Recently Used- By the current S-User for the selected system


c. Tree selection -

The easy to use collapsible tree structure helps you to navigate through the list of “Product Function:

d. Search Results - Shows the result in the Tree

“Product Functions” are a product-based categorization, using the system and product area you’ve selected. If you don’t find the “Product Function” you are looking for, try reselecting a different Product Area above.

The path will also be visualized:

If you are familiar with components, you can of course continue to categorize the incident via component. And even if you chose a “Product Function”, the incident will be stored on a component in the background.

What is the exact difference between “Product Functions” and “Components”?

  • “Product Functions”: Simplified product-based categorization filtered based on the selected Product Area

  • “Component”: Classical component-based categorization without filtering

  • “Product Functions” and generic areas “Services and Support” in the Product Area field went live in the SAP ONE Support Pilot Launchpad with Wave 3. They were previously known as “Topics” and renamed based on your feedback


Interested in additional information?

  • Check SAP Knowledge Base Article 2903937 for list of products and details on current limitations.

  • Watch a short Demo Video

For additional information about further incident management optimization efforts have a look at this blog: Improved incident creation – experience the unified support experience and simplified categorization...