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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
While the topic of geolocation tracking of personal whereabouts is heavily debated, the technology clearly has benefits, including helping to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“You’re receiving this monthly email because you turned on Location History, a Google Account-Level setting that saves where you go in your private Timeline.”

The message listed the cities I’d visited that month.

I was about to close it when something I hadn’t noticed before caught my eye: “Go to Your Timeline.” From there, you could enter a specific date to view a map that visualizes geolocation tracking data of that day in your life.

I chose February 25, 2020, Mardi Gras Day.

A map of New Orleans, Louisiana opened, with thick navy-blue lines crisscrossing the city. Beneath the map was an intricate timeline that showed minutes and miles, driving and walking.

Growing Geolocation Tracking Adoption and Familiarity

By now, most of us are not only familiar with geolocation tracking and GPS technology, but many of us also depend on it. From a business perspective, geolocation enhances many behind-the- scenes processes.
For example, Vaizva’s VaizTrack application keeps car dealers aware of their vehicles’ whereabouts when prospective buyers speed off for a test drive. Apps like Seidor Mobile Street Sales allow companies to use GPS to monitor trucks in the field and check on deliveries. Anodius’ Geolocation Add-On for SAP Marketing Cloud gives brands the ability to use location-based marketing to find the right customers. (All of these partner solutions are available on SAP Store.)