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Background: The portal activity report mechanism is a great tool to obtain monitoring information for analyze and overview purposes across EP. In this instance you are using a configured Activity Report in the Enterprise Portal (EP) and notice the report findings are not displaying all of the pages that have been visited.

Overview:  Although the Portal pages were indeed visited, only one/two page hits are subsequently recorded and displayed in the report listing.

Version Backdrop: SAP NW 7.31 and Enterprise Portal 7.31

Reports Configuration + Revisiting Setup:  Navigate to the Service Configuration Editor. From the top-level navigation, choose System Administration -> System Configuration. In the detailed navigation, choose Service Configuration. The Service Configuration Editor is displayed. Open the configuration page for the data collection service. In the Portal Catalog, navigate to Applications > -> Services -> ActivityReport. Go to “Customer Activity Reports” -> “Daily Activity Report by Page”.

Why are the page hits not recorded? The correct Page Properties have not been defined.

How do we ensure these properties are corrected?  Open the Portal Activity Report configuration settings.Locate and find the Page Property labelled 'User Hits'. The default value in the system is set to 'No' and in order for the report to capture and record Page Hits the property should be changed to 'Yes'. Change the Property to 'Yes' as required and save. Reproduce the scenario and run the report again to see the new report.