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Background: You are using the SAP Enterprise Portal and are utilizing Knowledge Management (KM) in a document sharing setup and a network file system repository.

Issue Being Encountered: Upon enabling the subscription service across various folders the subscription mail for changed documents returns a user unknown.

Areas Affected: EP Release Independent, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Composition Environment

Steps To Encounter Issue: Login into the portal from desktop - http://<host>:<port>/portal. Check if the Subscription Service is enabled -> choose Content Management → Repository Services → (Show Advanced Options) → Subscription Service in the Configuration iView. If the service is enabled and a document change is performed e.g. updated/created/deleted a resource a subscription mail will be sent. The subscription mail is sent accordingly but the action is listed as being performed by 'unknown' rather than a UserID.

Why: File System Repositories don’t support resource properties alongside the modifiedBy property which is a restriction of File System Repository setup.

Solution: If the issue is occuring for all event types (deletion, creation, modification etc.) then is standard and expected behaviour when using subscriptions with File System Repository. The File System Repository does not support "Predefined properties" and the FS repository does not keep track of predefined properties like "last modified by" which is why you see changed by unknown in the notification mail.