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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Here you will see the new changes that have been added to the Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit in the Wave 7 release (From Oct 04th 2021).  We are continuing our integration of on-premise data into the ESRC along with improvements on Filters and navigation.

Usage Statistics about EWA Workspace Visits and Notifications for On-Premise


The section SAP EarlyWatch Alert Usage is key to understanding if the customer is using the SAP
EarlyWatch Alert Workspace by showing the number of visits to this important tool and its different
cards along with information about how many users have set up workspace notifications. The key
areas that the customer has visited are listed in a legend next to the graph.

In the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you can set up notifications for a variety of applications (license keys, important SAP Notes, …). One of these notification settings is associated with the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace where you can choose to be notified regarding critical issues being
reported on in the workspace. The key notifications that customers can turn on are listed in the
legend beside the SAP Early Watch Alert Workspace Notifications graph

Improved Corporate Function Filter

Based on your feedback, we have added the following feature: If multiple customers have been
selected in the filter bar, the cockpit will show the customer’s name plus “n more”, with n being the
number of further selected customers.

Improved Navigation to Global Filters Section

Also based on your feedback the following improvement to the navigation has been added: A tool tip
shown at the Show Filter Bar icon indicates where to set global filters

For details on our previous release see the Blog Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit – New UI for System Landscape and Availability (Wave 6 Release...

Stay informed and check

We are constantly updating and enhancing the tool and love to hear your feedback - To see how to provide feedback, read our blog here How to provide feedback about SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit?

Thanks for reading!