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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Here you will see the new changes that have been added to the Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit in the Wave 6 release.  We are constantly developing and enhancing the tool based feedback from our customers and business users.

New Visualization of Charts

To produce a more 3D effect, the gradient color in the charts has been improved

New System Landscape UI

This section provides information about the systems in the customer solution landscape. Only
systems are displayed that are assigned to a customer’s installations.

In the new table you will see all cloud systems in a hierarchy of main systems and subsystems. The
subsystems for a main system can be viewed by expanding the main system using the arrow on the
left.  There are two buttons in the upper-right corner of the All Cloud Systems table to expand or collapse all nodes. The table will no longer scroll to the right when a column is added, or a node expanded.

New Cloud Availability UI

An additional column Main System Number has been added to the Availability section. If it is not
shown, you may need to scroll using the horizontal scroll bar under the table, or move the divider
between table and chart.

We now display Thresholds in the Availability section, these range from 99.95% to 99.5%. You have the ability via a drop-down menu to select between multiple availability thresholds. This
allows you to change the overview of the cloud systems availability depending on different contractual options and to see the overview of availability of all products and systems quickly.

EWA Coverage on ESRC landing page

on-premise integration is continuing with the addition of EWA coverage on the landing page.

Click on the SAP Early Watch Alert Prod System Coverage on the landing page, by clicking on the show in on-premise cockpit it will bring you to the section. “Coverage of SAP Productive Systems by SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace” provides an overview on the SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) enablement of your productive SAP ABAP systems. SAP EarlyWatch Alert identifies potential problems before they affect your business. The SAP EarlyWatch Alert should be scheduled weekly on all productively-used systems.

For details on our previous release see the Blog Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit – Wave 5 Release

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