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The development of apps has to be done by IT experts who are familiar with programming concepts?! That's not right! Thanks to the FAST Platform, end-users are now able to create their own application within minutes. The FAST Platform allows you to:

  • design an enterprise-class application within minutes, by simple drag and drop.
  • create your own application by reusing existing building blocks in a similar way to the LEGO approach.
  • publish the small applications on various environments such as iGoogle, Netvibes, Facebook, EzWeb, iPhone, etc.

You don´t believe it! Please join the FAST evaluation contest where you will learn more. You will create an application for a Business trip scenario combining information sources from various backend systems with information sources from the Internet. But first, take some time to study our video tutorial.


Use Case

Ellen Fernandez from PromoBueno makes a trip to Berlin. She has to find a new office to rent in Germany, since her company PromoBueno wants to open its first subsidiary in Germany. To visit several offices, Ellen will need a to rent a car as well as to find a hotel to stay. Being in Berlin, she will take the opportunity to visit PromoBueno's customers there. 

Ellen wants to build a gadget with the FAST platform to help her to plan her business trip. The figure above shows the different buildings blocks the platform provides her. Take over the job of Ellen and create a complex Gadget/App using the FAST platform.


Please join our evaluation contest and fill in our online questionnaire. Ready, steady, GO!