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Digital Transformation is a topic that almost every company is thinking about and many are actively working on digital transformation initiatives. In response to this SAP introduced the Digital Enterprise Platform (DEP), see below, to provide our customers with a quick path into the digital world.

  The DEP provides state of the art enterprise data storage, application platform, critical data integration, application development tools and best in class analytic tools. All of these capabilities are integrated into a cloud based solution which allows our customers to deliver solutions quickly and at a lower cost than traditional on premise solutions.

  So how does the DEP help SAP partners, specifically ISVs and Embedded partners? The DEP provides the tools SAP partners need to build applications for their customers that run in the cloud on an enterprise ready platform. These applications can be extensions of current SAP technologies, new applications that interface with SAP ERP systems or independent applications that require a robust platform as their foundation.

  Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the benefits of the DEP is to explore some use cases for the DEP. The DEP includes integration into the SAP Human Resources system (HRC) as well as an SDK for Success Factors. This can be very useful for a company that makes simulation software that is used to train pilots, train engineers or heavy equipment operators. Leveraging the HRC and/or the Success Factors links training completed in the partner’s simulation system can automatically be recorded in an employee’s learning plan. The interface could also be used to enter the simulation scores into the performance management system.

  The benefits of the DEP are not limited to interfacing with existing SAP systems, however. Partners can also use many of the capabilities of the DEP to create applications for their customers. By providing a robust multi-tenant environment for hosting web based applications the DEP provides an excellent foundation. Hosted in state of the art datacenters security and reliability are provided allowing a partner to focus on building the application.

  Let’s say a partner is building a web based solution for the Oil & Gas industry and needs to provide access for their customers in many locations. Since Oil & Gas workers are not always in an office a mobile solution is critical. There is an extra wrinkle since often times connectivity in remote locations is unreliable. The DEP provides both a platform for web applications it also provides a set of mobile development tools which include support for online and offline functionality. This allows the partner to deliver an application to office and field workers that can increase productivity for their customers.

  Digital transformation is very real and an important step that must be taken to keep companies moving forward. Through the use of the DEP SAP Partners can leverage the world class technology that is at the core of SAP’s digital strategy to provide digital transformation for their customers.