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Change Management and Communications is driving sales learning adoption and impact! Obviously, this seems to be a very bold statement and you might answer: “We are already communicating learning content to our sales force.”

This might be true and you are already doing a great job in terms of communications – however how effective are you in terms of learning adoption and support of creating impact for your learning activities?


One of my internal sales enablement colleagues recently approached me with a request rolling out a new e-learning to approximately 10k sales colleagues. However, when I asked the colleague some basic questions around the expected target group taking the training, the learning objectives and goals, desired roll-out channels and, last but not least, the desired learning KPI achievements. At this point my colleague had to admit, that they have not thought about it when producing the learning content.


As new learning activities most probably come along with a change management component (new learning, change of sales behavior) you might think about following a holistic change management and communications approach. This approach consists of four main steps ensuring your sales learning will be successful:


  1. Initiation phase: Define joint objectives and scoping for communications. In addition, define clear benefits and success metrics for your communications and change management efforts.
  2. Planning phase: Create communication plan schedule. Define work modules and roles and responsibilities.
  3. Execution phase: Execute on communications plan. Regular alignment on status and change of scope and objectives.
  4. Closing and feedback phase: Close communications project and gather feedback. Document key learnings and leverage for upcoming communications.


What have been your experience rolling out learning content to your sales colleagues? What is your best practice for communications and change management?