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I was able to catch up with a few of our SAP Services experts to get a feel for the conversations they were having with customers. With so much happening around SAP HANA, it is no surprise that their conversations also had the innovation flare to them. What to do? How to get started? Who can help us? These experts were able to provide these answers at SAPPHIRENOW 2013.

New Deployment Options Drive Analytics Innovation

lance.holbert, SAP Analytics Services - Enterprise Performance Management - Customer conversations focused around innovation including the technology landscape. How to identify ways to take on the new technology opportunities through creative deployment options - design, impact, and previously undefined solutions - the 'wild blue sky' vs. 'old school techniques'.

Defining Your Analytics Innovation Agenda

muge.yurdaer, Global Practice Lead for Strategic Advisory Services for Analytic. Speaks about how she helps customers design and analytics innovation agenda. She asks the hard questions and helps customers get to the answers together.

Diagnosing Your Business Intelligence Pains

markusschunter, Global Practice Lead for Business Intelligence services – Explains how SAP Services address customer pain points through a diagnosis service using their data in an SAP HANA environment.

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