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Dear SAP Partners

Do you want to know how to drive innovation forward during these challenging times with COVID-19 focused software and service offerings and pre-packaging for pipeline recovery?

The world is starting to come to the realization that bringing life – and therefore business – back to what we just months ago considered “normal” is not going to happen as quickly as we had hoped. Instead, we find ourselves in a COVID-19 tainted reality which barring the introduction of an effective vaccine, is bound to have profound impact on our habits and on the economy for quite some time ahead.

For companies, these radical changes in consumer behavior and the slowing of some economic activity, constitute a fountain of challenges. Every company and every partner feel the impact, from the way they engage with customers, to how they manage their supply chain to meet increased or decreased demand, to managing treasury and cash with increased rigor.

In spite of the current challenges, which will impact some industries more heavily that others, business will not be coming to an end. Instead, this is a year of change where the ability to innovate, to redesign and sharpen business processes, and to be agile and fast moving is crucial to business health and future competitiveness. These changes will expose inadequacies and limitation in existing software environments, as well as foster new needs and requirements that need to be addressed.

In this environment it becomes more imperative than ever before, that software implementation projects can be delivered swiftly, without risk, and with a clear and predictable outcome and fast ROI. Many of our SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions already contain offerings that are highly relevant in our “new” world of social distancing - such as remote learning, improved analytics, and increased supply chain elasticity and efficiency.

In the next months we will be working closely with our partners to refine and further develop packages, software and service offerings for pipeline recovery based on SAP’s rich product portfolio that directly address the current business challenges faced by companies around the globe, and which can be delivered remotely based on a fixed scope/fixed price offering with a clear and predictable business outcome.

Interested in learning more? Listen to the replay of the recorded webinar COVID-19 software & service offerings, pre-packaging & promotions for pipeline recovery to help partners & customers resolve the critical business challenges they are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions combine the latest innovations from SAP, together with Partner Services, Industry Knowledge and IP, to deliver cutting edge integrated solutions – but without the risks typically associated with being an early adopter. These packages convey the customer promise of getting rapid returns and business benefits from small, manageable investments, and are the perfect way to drive innovation forward during challenging times.

Many SAP Partners are already working on enhancing their existing SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions. Take a sneak peak at what you can expect in 2020, explore the SAP Qualified Partner-Package Solution Finder on There are more than 1,000 qualified solutions created by over 400 SAP Partners to choose from. Also, you may want to hear from our partners why they love selling packaged solutions.

Why Qualify Your Packaged Solutions with SAP?

As mentioned, SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions are based on SAP market leading software together with a Partner’s services and intellectual property – creating a unique and highly targeted value proposition based on a fixed scope and a fixed price offering. Solution packaging provides you with a door opener to get your midmarket customer up and running quickly and grow with their business. The packages follow our indirect go-to-market strategy selling through partners to drive primarily new customers in the mid-market space.

Start building your unique SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution and meet your customer’s demands with predictable outcomes, speed, affordability and transparency in their buying process. Here’s how you can get started.