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To adopt the latest features of the very new version of SAP Screen Personas 3.0 the SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution (Download) provides SAP Best Practices™ for deployment, configuration, operation and includes pre-built business content to ensure fast and predictable results.

Download SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Best Practices to create your own Screen Personas or Fiori-like sc...

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 provides a simple, drag-and-drop approach for creating consumer-grade user interface (UI) screens for most ERP transactions. The simpler screens allow users to streamline business processes quickly and easily, leading to improved end-user productivity and satisfaction.

Highlights of SAP Best Practices™ content

The updated SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution provides best practices for the following areas:

  • SAP Screen Personas set-up and configuration
  • Fiori style guidelines to design and develop SAP Screen Personas flavors
  • Different designs of pre-built flavors that demonstrate variety and possibility of SAP Screen Personas
  • Fiori inspired SAP Screen Personas Flavors for pre-defined business processes based on SAP Best Practices™ baseline package
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Quotation for Procurement
    • Credit Management
  • Performance tricks and tips
  • Useful scripting SAP Best Practices content and examples
  • Administration tool, transport management, authorization and roles and flavor migration
  • Optimization of services offerings

Solution scope

Get started

The package can be downloaded for free by SAP customers and partners. You can follow the included step-by-step guides yourself to get started directly or you can work with SAP or partners. SAP or partners offer consulting services that are tailored to the rapid-deployment solutions and are designed to accelerate time-to-value and provide predictable results.

Download the package simply by following the below few steps:

1) Go to SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution's page

2) Check the scope and software and delivery requirements on the page

3) Tab on the orange button on the right hand side Download package*

4) Select the link Installation

5) Download and extract the ZIP file to your local hard disk. All documentation assets will be available offline on your desktop

7) Chose start.htm to open the Content Library to flexible select or deselect scope items as you need them and get the related configuration guides

😎 Before you start with the implementation, refer to the SAP Note (login required) and the attached Configuration Guide: Getting Started for the latest updates or enhancements to this package.

*Note: To be able to download, you need an account for SAP Service Marketplace. If you do not have one yet, you can  register now.

Feel free to comment, give feedback or ask questions via the comment section below or the User Experience Rapid Deployment Solutions Community on the SAP Community Network.