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Digital transformation is a reality.

The effects of an increasingly digitalized world are now reaching into every corner of our lives.  Five years ago, there was only a handful of data sources, each with limited granularity. Now, every two days, we create as much data as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.

What it means for a business to be digitalized?

• Connected processes 

• Real-time insights  

• Modern technology platform

Add to that innovation ,with people from diverse social and technological background working towards it and bang on. A perfect recipe to take your business to new heights .

As rightly said “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. What gained you success once, will not keep you ahead next time unless you use the technology.

SAP Innovation – Success Stories

Let me jump into few success stories within SAP, which unveils the huge achievements and breakthrough as a result of this deadly combination.

SAP business is for Enterprises – but now it is getting into diverse domains. Innovating through digitalized technology, SAP has ventured into Sports sector to improve gaming experience for the players as well as the viewers.

Needless to mention, SAP's significant contribution during FIFA World cup resulting in Germany bagging the cup. Using Big Data and other revolutionary technologies, SAP helped the German coaching staff make smart decisions on tactics, player fitness, scouting, preparation. ICC world cup 2015,  WTA and IPL auctioning, KickApp Cup etc. are examples of SAP’s contribution in sports sector which resulted in huge success and made companies business flourish in a completely new domain.

And this is just one sector I touched upon, there are many other areas like Health , Education where major leaps are made because of Digitalization and Innovation.

Google glass, IOT devices,smart electronics and several examples can be quoted proving how digitalization accompanied with great diverse minds striving to innovate lead to the biggest and useful inventions which helped their business grow and to stay ahead among the competitors.

Diversity as the core of Innovation

We talked enough about Innovation and digitalized world paving the way for successful business but we cannot miss one of the main ladders to success and that is Diversity. Diversity Matters. In all the above examples, one thing is common, it was not achieved by a single person or a team of homogenous people knowing same things. All the innovations were a big accomplishment because people from different teams, knowing diverse technologies, different geographic areas understanding needs of diverse customers worked together and made this a huge success. Diversity enhances creativity. It seems obvious that a group of socially diverse people with diverse individual expertise would be better than a homogeneous group at solving complex, non-routine problems. As mentioned above, KickApp Cup - a SAP CSR activity is one such recent success story which shows how people from diverse backgrounds came together and came up with some excellent solutions.

I would Like to finish by quoting few beautiful lines :

Two wings better than a one i sought.

Dream come true, straight from the heart,

United we win, united we fought.

On this poesy, i tell you my friend,

Diverse minds, shall prevail the stress.

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